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Complex Systems

Research and Development

PGH Station

Helping Humans Build-
Guiding the Design-Builders of the Anthropocene

My PhD Research seeks to understand the Complex Systems Design and Building. Understanding the needs and requirements of the emergent, self-organizing design and construction Holons, to build better. 

Using Time and Materials (T&M) to Develop and Guide Holons in a Design and Construction Project -
The results of Two Case Studies

The exploration of two studies implemented on a large construction project which use T&M processes to build self-organizing holonic teams.

kiva 1

The Thermodynamics of Construction Projects

If information is energy, how is it measured within BIM files, and how is that potential energy turned into kinetic energy? Continuing the agency of holons.

Multilayer Networks on Construction Projects-

Link to my presentation at CSS 2023 

Network Science looks at nodes and relationships. How to avoid the Tragedy of the Commune - as workers are forced to work together not in a public space, but the closed Network of the Project Site.

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